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To protect your belongings from thefts or infiltration, you will need to have the best electronic key management system in Sydney. At Sentinel Electronics, we provide the same to manage access to the keys to safeguard your items. Moreover, our sophisticated services will assure that none of your items are tampered with.

Our key management systems in Sydney are performance-oriented and we calibrate them with attention to detail so that the electronic keys can be safely stored. Besides, a robust access control system will make task monitoring seamless.

Electronic Key Cabinet System Sydney

Our electronic key cabinet system in Sydney provides real-time analytics that will help you track usage. Besides, if you need key tracking and auditing, we provide that option as well. With that, you will get time-to-time notifications and alerts that will help you track the usage effectively.

Why Choose Our Electronics Key Cabinets?

Choose our electronics key cabinets since:

  1.  They are sophisticated systems that will help you store your keys safely
  2.  You can customise them as per your needs
  3.  You can get custom notifications about your keys and can track the   progress 

To get your queries solved by us, send an email to, and we will provide you with the answers.

FAQs About Our Key Management Systems in Sydney

How long will it take to set up key management systems in Sydney?

We will quickly set up the key management systems in Sydney. So, rest assured that you can focus on your other work while our professionals will do the needful.

What type of electronic key cabinet systems in Sydney do you offer?

At Sentinel Electronics, we provide TORUS as our electronic key cabinet system in Sydney that will help you store your keys safely and with enhanced security.

Do the electronic key cabinets offer automatic notifications?

Yes, the electronic key cabinets that we offer for our clients have built-in automatic notification systems. So, whenever there is any usage, you can track them and make the necessary changes.

How scalable are your electronic key cabinet systems in Sydney?

Our electronic key cabinet systems in Sydney are scalable and they can be calibrated as per your requirements.

Can I get time-to-time reporting from key management cabinets in Sydney?

Yes, our high-end key management cabinets in Sydney will provide you with accurate reporting in a timely manner for your advantage.

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