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Sydney, the capital of NSW is an outstanding  metropolis. However, it is not devoid of the common ills of modern urban society like theft,burglary, trespassing, gatecrashing and the likes. Thus, what you need to protect yourself is a sound security alarm system that will act as a minimum credible deterrence for the miscreants. For that, you need to turn to a reputable security system supplier. Sentinel Electronics is the most competent and trustworthy name to turn to,  for security alarm installation in Sydney.

How do we make a difference in Security Alarm System Installation?

With years of experience and a team of highly qualified technicians, we are next to none when it comes to security alarm system installation in Sydney. Our experts will take into account the layout of your property – domestic or commercial, and its threat perceptions to design and install security alarm systems. 

Be it a family home, an apartment, a commercial or office building, our security alarm installers in Sydney will come up with solutions that are flexible enough to meet all your needs. 

When it comes to dealing with a residential apartment, our apartment alarm installer will make sure that every strategic point of the apartment, including the entry and exit points, is guarded by an alarm system.

Also, commercial alarm installer in Sydney will ensure that all the assets of your office or commercial property are property secured and manned by a credible security alarm system.

What does our security alarm solutions in Sydney include?

At Sentinel Electronics our security alarm solutions near Sydney that we come up with, will include: 

  1.  Integration with smoke alarms, CCTV, smart home appliances, and  various other surveillance systems
  2.  Installation of wired or wireless alarm system
  3.  Door, window, motion and heat sensors
  4.  Smart Automation 
  5.  Remote alarm activation and deactivation along with monitoring with real-time checkup
  6.  Integrated System with Flexible Linkage 
  7.  Full Security on a convenient mobile app
  8.  Magnetic Detector 
  9.  Glass Break Detector 
  10.  Wireless Triple Signal Detector 
  11.  Seamless integration with th CCTV cameras 
  12.  Regular maintenance and repair of existing systems

What questions should you ask us before putting stakes in us?

How fast will you respond to my query and install the system?

We know how important security alarm installation in Sydney is for you and hence,  we would turn up and install the system at the earliest.

Can you come up with the next day delivery?

Certainly, subject to the availability of our security alarm installers in Sydney.

How safe are the products?

All the security products that our home or commercial alarm installer in Sydney

install are amongst the best in the market, manufactured by the best brands. They come with warranty and hence are amongst the safest.

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