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Businesses as well as properties are increasingly feeling insecure due to the paradigm shift of threat perceptions. This is a global phenomenon, and Australia is no exception. Same is the case of the business and domestic properties in Sydney. The current scenario has made the CCTV security system suppliers that offer and install security cameras all the more relevant and important. And in the rat race of satisfying customers, these servicers are coming up with the latest versions of security cameras that will meet the security needs of property owners. Take for instance,  Sentinel Electronics. Based in Sydney, we are one of the most qualified experts offering CCTV camera installation in Sydney.

What Makes us Unique as Security Camera Installers in Sydney?

We are home to some of the most qualified security camera installers in Sydney, who will take into account the custom needs of our clients, their threat perceptions.  Thus, they will address these issues by delivering seamless security camera system installation in Sydney. 

When summoned, our experts will take into account the layout of our clients’ properties, the surroundings, their budget and their location. Accordingly, they will CCTV Installation in Sydney at strategic locations that will give foolproof safety and security to their properties.

What types of CCTV cameras do we install?

At Sentinel Electronics, our CCTV installers in Sydney are equally competent installing the following types of cameras: 

  1.   Wireless cameras 
  2.    IP Cameras
  3.    Dome CCTV cameras
  4.    Bullet Cameras
  5.    C Mounted CCTV cameras

Our experts offering security camera installation in Sydney are equally competent in installing all these 5 types of cameras, helping the users make the most of the state of the art features that these cameras come up with.

Thermal Cameras

ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition)

Panoramic Cameras

PTZ Cameras

Solar Powered Cameras

Some important questions you need to ask before hiring our technicians

Are your Security Camera Installers in Sydney safe?

Our Security Camera Installers in Sydney are trained on the techniques of installing CCTV cameras of various types

Are you trained only to install these cameras or to service them?

Our experts are not only next to none at security system installation in Sydney but they are equally competent in servicing and repairing the cameras.

Are your CCTV installers competent enough to install wireless CCTV systems?

Yes. Our CCTV installers are competent and trained enough to install wireless CCTV systems.

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